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Reigate Priory Bowling Club

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Updated 06/12/2018

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Early days
The Reigate Priory Bowling Club was formed in 1880 as an offshoot to the cricket club, when cricket club members were allowed to bowl in a corner of the ground where the croquet green is now situated. An 1899 vintage photo hanging on our clubroom wall shows some members seated there.

Travelling to other Clubs
We became affiliated to the English bowling association in 1909. In those days our members travelled a good distance to play other clubs. Records show that in 1911 we played at Barnes and clubs, as far away as the Isle of Wight, played in the same competitions. Travelling must have been interesting on those days.

With the help of two important local figures, Sir Jeremiah Coleman and J Arthur Rank, founder of the Rank Organisation, the cricket club were able to acquire the land on which we now play and in 1924 the bowling club was granted a lease and became independent and shared their club pavilion with the neighbouring tennis club. J Arthur Rank helped fund the building of our current green.

The county
Many years of happy bowling followed with only the war years interrupting the seasonal rhythm. The 1950s saw a close association between Club and County - in 1954 our club provided no fewer than forty entrants to the county championships.

Early in 1975 after many debates an extra-ordinary general meeting was held to create a ladies section, which started with just eight members. Twenty three years later the ladies gained equal voting rights and full participation in the running of the club. Mrs B Ingram became our first lady president in 2002.