How does it work?

Once you have registered, by following the instructions below, just click on the ‘Shopping’ option from any of the club’s web site pages.

Simply visit and sign up for free, via the link on the Club's page.

Click "Join and support", enter your details, install the donation reminder on the left-hand side menu or use this link: https//

Installing a donation reminder will show a banner at the top of each participating retailer's web page asking whether you want to to activate your donation on this occasion. At the moment the donation reminder works only on computers with Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers and does not work with ipads or mobiles yet. Nor does it work with Mocrosoft Internet Explorer or Edge. You must go to the GoRaise web site and Login first and then search for the retailer you wish to use for your purchase.

If you register with GoRaise and install the donation reminder on your laptop you do still need to log in to the GoRaise website each time you want to buy on line. The  'activate prompt' will not appear on the retailers web site if you haven't logged in first.  However, you can locate your favourite retailer site in the normal way once you are signed in to GoRaise. A donation is generated automatically when you make a purchase, and Go Raise will pass this on to us. No catches or extra costs. It’s that simple!